MICHELIN Guide’s opinion:

This bright venue with an eclectic air defends a contemporary cuisine which showcases Andalusian flavours using the most contemporary techniques, with the occasional nod to other countries.

  • The MICHELIN dish: quality cuisine
  • Simple comfort

They say that hospitality comes first here, so they want us to feel as at home as if we were in our own house. Behind this cordial line of thought you will find a restaurant that transmits closeness, freshness, light… much more than in the old and nearby premises where they laid the first stone of the project. The kitchen plays a decisive role in this philosophy of proximity and honesty, and is clearly visible to the customer behind the service bar so that there is no doubt about the work done there. Raúl Sierra, the chef at the helm, presents a contemporary cuisine that exalts Andalusian flavours using modern techniques, without closing the doors to travelling nuances and always with carefully studied presentations. The menu, which encompasses the house classics (croissant stuffed with oxtail, matured beef steak tartare, grilled octopus…), is completed with a tasting menu that evolves according to the seasonal products.