Croissant stuffed with oxtail with Béarnaise sauce5,50 €
Liquid salad of lettuce buds roasted in Kamado,
local sturgeon from Riofrío, dehydrated cherry
tomatoes with manzanilla wine and
chiolla beetroot cured Japanese style
Maigre fish tartar, Codium seaweed, coconut,
Basel and lime
Atelier-style aged beef steak tartare18,00€
Vegetables from sustainable cultivationConsult
Local shrimp ravioli stuffed from marinated partridge
on a base of lentils cream with achiote and croutons
18,50 €
Stewed red tuna cheeks from Almadraba,
smoked aubergines tahini, grapefruit and
cold-maceration onion soup
24,00 €
Grilled octopus, broccoli, jalapeños,
fermented pineapple and crudittes
18,50 €
Roast, marinated Iberico pork fillet "pluma",
onion toffe and spiced pumpkin puree
18,50 €
Barbecued beef tenderloin aged 30 days and baked potatoes25,00 €
Chef's recommendationConsult
Seasonal tasting menu (8 courses)
(Included Organic bread service with sourdough)
50,00€ / per person
Children's menu
(Includes main course, bread, dessert and one drink)
20,00 €
Organic bread service with sourdough2,50€
Sustainable water service "Km0"
Committed to the environment.
2,40 €

Something sweet

Creamy rice pudding with mascarpone, amaretto and speculoos6,00 €
Carrot cake of the house5,50 €
Chocolate cake cooked to order5,50 €
Vacherín of strawberries marinated in Pedro Ximénez, lychees and green curry ice cream6,50 €
Chocolate, rosemary, ginger, allspice and orange6,50 €

Seasonal tasting

Tomato and strawberry tartar with iced lettuce buds
Cherry smoked cockle whiskey sour
Cured sea bass, cucumber in Sanlúcar chamomile mirim and charcoal-roasted green pepper gazpacho
Squid tartare and its clarified consommé with matured beef fat hollandaise and chili peppers
Home-cured picanha, bear's garlic and galangal bourguignonne, rutabaga, anchovy and peach butter
Shiso sole, demiglace of its bones, pickled tupinambour with cider and aniseed salad
Matured cow tenderloin rested in botanicals, fermented potato, tuna bordelaise and salted heart
Our version of Paris brest... salsify, hazelnut and short stick
Price per person €50.00. Drink not included

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